Our company is based on individual referrals. We have many happy clients that we can direct you to via their testimony. However, Click Here to read some of the reviews that Fabian has received as a deejay through Trans-Audio also.

Below are excerpts from other emails, that clients have sent over the years for Millennium Music:

"Fabian was simply amazing. From planning, to contacting, to professionalism, to making sure we were enjoying our night, to the incredible price, to the music selection: he made everything easy.  He went above and beyond in ensuring our special night was just that: special and memorable.  People didn't stop dancing the entire night.  He made sure the party kept going until the last song and kept us on schedule. He even made sure we got everything big-like garter toss- done before our photographers left.  It was such a huge weight lifted off our shoulders knowing that we were in great hands.  I had so many guests complimenting his expertise and music selection. If you are worried about hiring a dj, please just hire Fabian. I mean it. I cannot compliment him enough. Thank you, Fabian, from the bottom of our hearts. You are a wonderful person and you took our wedding to the next level."

Caitlin & Chris


"I wanted to thank you SO much for everything you did for us on the day of the wedding. Saying "thank you" does not even express how grateful we are. We appreciate all of your help throughout the reception - seriously! I didn't know what to expect. I was most nervous about how things were going to flow, and thanks to YOU - things went so smoothly and I knew I had nothing to be worried about! You totally went above and beyond! 

Not only that, but thank you for the AWESOME music and lights! It was perfect in every way possible. I wanted to tell you that we got the MOST compliments on you as our DJ. Our guests are STILL talking about it. My mom's whole group of friends agreed that you are, by far, the best DJ they've ever seen/heard. I've given out your website to a few people I know who are getting married, and I've had family members give out your website and information to a few people they know getting married as well!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Luis & Rebecca

"You were an AWESOME DJ and we had a blast because of you! And all the extra work you did for us (i.e. the "Stanky Leg Mix" hehe) made the night unforgettable. You really went the extra mile for us and we so appreciate you." 
Saad and Lindsey

"Thank you so much for everything. Everyone just kept talking even the next day about how much fun they had at our wedding! You even got my non-dancing friends and family out there! I am still amazed by that!" 
Karla & Drew

"Fabian, we are so glad that you were able to celebrate our wedding day with us! Thank you so much for blessing us with your gifts! You were so wonderful and truly a huge blessing to us." Thank you, May God pour out His blessings on you." 
Maggie and Brad

"Fabian was excellent! Everyone had a great time! Fabian was a great DJ. He was very happy and down to earth. We couldn't have asked for a better dj. He was great no tonly to us, but all of our guests. He has a great smile and that made us smile even bigger. Thank you so much for sharing in our special day and being a part if it! You Rock!" 
Carl and Samantha

"Fabian was wonderful for our country wedding in August 2013! He was such a pleasure to work with and made our day so smooth. We were recommended to use Millennium Music and we have already referred them to a friends wedding that was also in August! I greatly appreciated the easy communication and always had a follow up email in my inbox shortly after sending any questions to Fabian...that is good customer service! Loved every second of our wedding day and we cannot thank Fabian enough for the fabulous music and fun atmosphere!!" Our guests had so much fun dancing the night away!                                                                                                                                                                    Theresa & Chuck

"Fabian, was awesome! We had a crowd that I warned him beforehand wouldn't dance. He just smiled at me and said. We'll see... Boy was I wrong! He played such a great mix of music and started a few line dances to break the ice. I saw my Dad do moves, that I never saw him do before! It was so much fun and everyone still talks to me about how much fun they had at our wedding. Thank You Fabian. It was an even more magical day than I dreamed. You kept everything right on track throughout the night!" 
Anna & Justin

"Millennium Music was awesome and especially Fabian. I totally got a bargain for what he delievered. I was really worried about the music since we have a Conservative Christian family. In fact, we almost weren't going to have a DJ because I was so worried about the music that would be played. Fabian sert me a t ease from the very first meeting and assured me that we can still have a great time and not play anything that would cause my Grandma to get upset. I didn't know that there was such great music out there that you could dance to without worrying about the lyrics! Thanks Fabian It was perfect." 
Kayla & Brian

"It was wonderful!  I was very nervous because the DJ had never played at my venue.  My concern would be that it would be too loud.  From the beginning Fabian assured me that his experience and his equipment were prepared for any situation and they were!  I liked how he took requests from people at the wedding and played off of our most played~!  I really appreciated how he was able to find the unique songs we wanted played.  And we really appreciated the CD Fabian created for us highlighting our wedding songs!  I plan to recommend Fabian to all of my friends.  He was very professional and had great ideas on how to put a new twist on traditional wedding events." 
Jessica and Patrick

Fabian, "We cannot thank you enough for the great job you did in hosting and arranging the music for our 50th wedding anniversary party.  Your music arrangement was so wonderful that it really took us back to the time when we got married and gave us the feeling of the newly wed.  We danced like we never danced in many years.    Many of our guests also commented that it was one of the best parties they ever attended. Thank you again for making our 50th wedding anniversary celebration  unforgettable. "                                                                                                  Leroy & Betty


"Fabian was very easy to work with.  He was the one vendor that I was not worried about.  He took control of the day and made everyone feel comfortable.  Before our wedding Fabian came to our house to meet with us.  He knew exactly what kind of ceremony and reception music we were looking for.  I would recommend Fabian as a wedding DJ.  He is excellent to work with and is very professional and accommodating." 
Kristy and Brian

"Fabian did a great job in making our wedding a fun and lively event.  Fabian dida great job in keeping the dancing moving.  There weren't any times when the dance floor was empty.   We chose a few songs that we wanted to play and let him choose the rest."
Mark and Emy

"Fabian did an amazing job at our wedding. He was able to gauge the crowd and keep everyone out dancing. For a few songs we had on our play list he found some great alternate versions that ended up being even better than the original ones we selected. He was even able to accommodate last minute changes to our ceremony music with no trouble at all. Fabian also worked seamlessly with our Coordinator to help keep the whole event on track and also was able to get us back on track when the distracted Bride and Groom fell behind. I would recommend Fabian to anyone having an event that requires a DJ. Going with Fabian was the best decision. He was able to provide us with personalized service that we just didn’t feel like we were getting from the “Big Box” DJ services"
Lisa and Christian

"We had a great experience with Fabian. He was professional and friendly to everyone and kept the whole night running smoothly without interference. I would be more than happy to be a reference for you."
Sarah and Ricardo

"Of all the wedding vendors we dealt with, Fabian was by far the best to work with. Very accommodating, understood exactly what we wanted and knew exactly how to keep our guests (and us!) happy and enjoying the party. Truly an exceptional person to work with and highly recommended to anyone in the future."
Jim and Jennifer

"Fabian was great.  We had no complaints whatsoever and we loved his enthusiasm and professionalism." 
Sahar and Firas

"Our experience with Fabian was wonderful. He was not only a great DJ, playing ALL of the songs we requested, but he was very good about making sure things ran smoothly and everyone was at the right place at the right time. I strongly recommend DJ Fabian for any occasion."
Meredith and Adam

"After the wedding I and my new bride talked and we said that there were a few decision we made that really stood out as having the most impact on our wedding.  One of those was the choice of the DJ.  When we arrived at the reception it was already in full swing.  Having stayed for photos at the church and Fabian was already large and in charge.  He took the songs ideas we had and ran with them.  I heard stuff I haven’t heard in a while and couldn’t believe he had some of those tunes.  It was really awesome.  Then during the reception he took charge and ran it as an MC. This I think is the biggest difference from finding any old DJ or finding a true entertainer and profession as Fabian is.  I can’t say enough good things about his professionalism and attention to details.  He really did contribute to the success of our reception and it would not have been as good as it was without him.  Thanks Fabian!" Andrew and Samantha 

"He was well-prepared, doing quite a bit of work in advance to get song suggestions from us, to determine our tastes.  He included all the music we wanted, and filled in the blanks very well.  He presented himself very well.  We felt we had high-quality, professional service.  At the wedding, he took control of the timeline and made sure the event flowed well."
Dan and Becky

"Fabian was just great from the first time we spoke to all his timely follow up emails.  Fabian certainly was first class.  From the first meeting until the final appointment he helped us with ideas and then executed them to perfection.  We have 4 more daughters and we certainly will be calling Fabian for those weddings too." 

"You were wonderful.  You made the introductions one of the most memorable parts of the wedding.  We have 3 friends getting married in the near future and they are definitely interested in you." 
Laura and Ryan

"Fabian was extremely professional.  I called him a ton of times with questions and he always called me back the same day.  He also came up with a great idea for our entrance song." 

Nichole and Mike

"I really enjoyed working with Fabian.  From our first conversation on the phone, I felt that he understood what kind of reception I was hoping to have.  Also, unlike many of the other DJs that I interviewed, Fabian was focused on what I wanted - from the order of events to the type of music I wanted played.  He made suggestions about how he found things to flow best, and these helped.  What's more, I had the final say on everything.  A complicating factor in planning my wedding was that I lived in a different state and time zone from where the wedding was being held.  Fabian was always willing to converse with me on the phone, via e-mail, or to meet in some way, shape or form, when I was able to make it out to the east coast for wedding appointments. One the day of the wedding it's very difficult to keep to the schedule you've set up.  My husband and I were rather late in arriving to the reception because we took so many pictures.  Fabian was one of the first people I saw when I got to the reception hall, and he assured me that we'd get everything done without a problem.  He kept things flowing throughout the night, and checked in with my husband and me occasionally to make sure that we were ready for the next transition to the traditions that we wanted included.  Fabian made a potentially stressful situation feel like it was no sweat at all. One of the things I've always dreamed of with regard to my wedding was having a really fun reception where the dance floor was packed.  Fabian mixed the music so well (and believe me, we asked him to play lots of different styles of music) that the dance floor was never empty.  After the wedding, I had several guests tell me that they had so much fun that they felt like the party was over too soon." 

"Thanks for being so professional and easy to work with.  Your suggestions were great and you listened to everything we wanted and made it better.  You were extremely accommodating and you made our day.  Everyone is talking about how much fun they had and you deserve the credit."
Sean and Michelle

"Very responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.  Fabian did a wonderful job.
We received many compliments on the DJ and the music selection."  

"The music at my wedding was fantastic, in fact the only time that the dance floor was empty was before the party started.  Fabian really knew how to read the crowd and based the song selection accordingly.   My dad even got on the dance floor...which is pretty much unheard of.  One of the most impressive things about working with Fabian was that he would return calls and emails prior to the wedding very promptly.  It really put me at ease to know that I could let go of any worries I had with the music and sequence of events at the reception because I completely trusted that Fabian knew exactly what he was doing." 

"Fabian was extremely accommodating – he drove to Iowa for our event, enduring a terrible traffic jam on the way, and made it on time anyway.  He really understood the tenor of our event and did not fall into the cliché DJ mode at all, and was very helpful in guiding my husband, me and our bridal party to where we needed to be at the appropriate times.  He also was very flexible and willing to incorporate last minute details.  I would highly recommend him to future brides and grooms!" 

"Our experience with Fabian was outstanding! He was extremely professional and attentive to our requests and worked with us to understand the timeline of the evening so that the reception flowed smoothly and we were able to just enjoy the music and dance. Fabian was also very observant of the type of music that packed the dance floor as well as the type that cleared it, which was great. We had several songs that we wanted played but those songs seemed to clear the dance floor. So Fabian, with our approval, adjusted the song selections to the style of music that kept people out there dancing which was great! Nothing worse than an empty dance floor at a reception, but with Fabian there was no worries as the song selections kept the dance floor packed.  We were extremely happy with the service we received and received many compliments too. We have already recommended Fabian to colleagues and will be sure to use him again in the future should we require his services again."
Tom and Sonia

"Fabian was excellent.  We waited until the last minute to pick our DJ and almost made the fatal mistake of bargain hunting.  Everybody had sales as long as we paid in full without ever having a chance to select the DJ.  Fabian came over, met with us and presented nicely.  Then he actually told us to take our time and think about who we want to select and to call him when we made up our mind.  This was 6 weeks before our wedding!  We called him the next day.  He was great at the reception and was just as professional but also played great music and made it fun.  He was excellent." 
John and Juliet

"Music plays an important role in our lives since we are music teachers.  The song selection was great! Our guests commented that they had never seen a bride dance so much!  I figured if they wanted to talk to me, they could come out to the dance floor!"
Dan and Meghan

"Claudia and I just wanted to let you know that we think you did a fantastic job with the music. You were not at all imposing on the mic and you kept the flow of the reception together. Thank you so much for everything and we will be referring anyone we know, whether it is for weddings or not, your way. Thanks again and take care!!"
Jason and Claudia

“You played all the music we wanted, got our guests on the dance floor and made it a fun event in a subtle and classy way. You helped guide us when we needed direction and made the night easy and so much fun!”
Barbara and Grant

“Thank you so much. You were phenomenal. All we got were compliments left and right on the DJ and the music. It was a privilege and we got a real sense of what a pro you are. You looked like you were driving a rocket ship”.
Kevin and Karina

“Fabian was thoroughly professional and we would highly recommend him to anyone planning an event”.
Christine and Ted

“Fabian did a great job in reading the crowd and playing music that everyone would like.  He also obtained difficult to get music that we wanted which neither of us had.  Fabian had music from all genres to play.  We could not have asked for better entertainment.”
Jen and Christopher

“David and I planned our wedding remotely and were impressed with Fabian from the first phone conversation. From the beginning, he was professional and responsive to our desire for a tasteful wedding. Not only were David and I impressed with Fabian, but we heard no end of compliments from our guests. It was no problem to request any song. Fabian had everything we wanted”.  Christiane and David

“Dear Fabian:  Happy Holidays to you.  Just wanted to thank you for doing a fabulous job with our wedding.  I’m sure it can’t be easy when people are that demanding.  You handled it beautifully”. 
Joey and Shannon

“Fabian, our guests and we were blown away by your performance.  The song selection and personality was right on par!  We have been to many weddings, and have never seen anyone able to satisfy the wide range of guest tastes like you did”. 

“Dear Fabian, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at my and Andrew's wedding on August 19th. You really were great at helping us stay on schedule, and you played a nice (and appropriate!) selection of music. Most of all, you have a great personality, and we received a lot of compliments on how terrific our DJ was! Thanks again - we will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is in need of a DJ in the future :)”
Janet and Andrew

“We will recommend him to our family and friends next time they need a DJ.  We received 3 or 4 comments from those at the wedding about how good a DJ he was.”