Our Mission Statement

Dear Party Planner,

Thanks for your interest in Millennium Music, one the area’s most experienced and successful Deejay Service. Since 1990, we’ve done over hundreds of receptions, dances and parties and  receive thank you letters from clients telling us how pleased they were.

Why is Millennium Music So Popular?

Perhaps this comparison will explain why our services are in such demand and every year while so many competing companies have gone out of business.

  1. Millennium Music deejays are highly experienced.Because our standards are much higher, we only send out deejays that are experienced and have "seen it all." Fabian has been deejaying for over 25 years!
  2. Millennium Music deejays deliver what we promise.
    When you contract for Millennium Musics to play a certain song, handle a particular announcement a certain way, or bring certain equipment, you can rest assured that is exactly what will happen. We guarantee it in writing. We are so confident that your deejay will show up on time with properly functioning, quality equipment that we are the only company in the area who offers a money back guarantee in the very, very unlikely event the disc jockey is late or has malfunctioning equipment. To protect you, we put this in writing on your contract.
  3. Millennium Music deejays display no advertising.
    We don’t use your party to promote our business. Because we do a good job, you’ll probably tell your guests who we are. We don’t want to spoil the beauty of the location by hanging tacky signs.
  4. Millennium Music deejays give you music flexibility.
    With our ever-expanding library of over 750,000 songs on digital files, we can mix the music to the taste of any crowd. You are more than welcome to make requests. We take responsibility for providing music to our deejays.
  5. Millennium Music Deejays use high-quality professional equipment. Top of the line models from name brands such as Bose, EV, Alto, Numark, Gemini, Shure, and JBL cost us more, but the difference in fidelity is worth it. Music is played on CD players and laptops for crystal clear sound.
  6. Millennium Music deejays dress for the occasion.
    Because we understand how important good taste is for a formal function such as a wedding, we do not charge extra for tuxedos. If you prefer, for more casual functions, our deejays can dress neatly in a suit or however you like.
  7. Millennium Music deejays backup is like DJ insurance.
    We have an impressive track record of being at the right place at the right time. Even though our deejays are extremely responsible, being human, sooner or later one of them could get sick or in an accident. We prepare ahead of time for those very rare emergencies by always having disc jockeys unscheduled and available so they can quickly get to your destination. With regard to equipment, ours is well maintained, in excellent condition, and each deejay has a full extra sound system with him including an extra amplifier, extra speakers, an extra mixer and extra CD players. No one else backs up their deejays like we do. Millennium Music won’t let you down.
  8. Millennium Music deejays specialize in one thing.
    We ensure that our customers, YOU, are fully satisfied after each and every event. To make sure this happens we go through an intensive array of plans beforehand to make sure that all of your expectations are met and exceeded.